STEP UP 2 A START UP Entrepreneurial Development programme

STEP UP 2 A START UP Entrepreneurial Development programme  launched on the 16th of July, with the movie’s first screening on the 27th of July in cinemas nation wide.

The Primestars Team and all working with us are very excited and we are all looking forward to once again inspiring the youth to make a better life for themselves.

In an effort to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship among the young people of South Africa, the NYDA has teamed up with Primestars Marketing to launch ‎StepUp2StartUp‬ programme, in which the NYDA contributed R3million.

StepUp2AStartUp is part of the NYDA’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme which aims to create a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs to access relevant entrepreneurship skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for their businesses.

How does this work?

Participating high school learners will watch an Educational Movie broadcasted by SterKinekor, which is specifically designed for the StepUp2StartUp programme. After watching the educational movie, an Entrepreneurs Tool Kit will be distributed to learners and educators, detailing a step-by-step guide on how to get started as an entrepreneur.

Thereafter, learners are given the chance to showcase their business idea at the StepUp2StartUp National Youth Competition.

Winners of that competition are then sent to the StepUp2StartUp Entrepreneurs Bootcamp where they will be further mentored about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

Who qualifies?

Historically disadvantaged high schools within surrounding areas of Ster Kinekor cinemas

High School learners between from Grade 10 to 12

If your high school is not selected to participate, DON’T DESPAIR!

The NYDA has got your back!

DVDs of the movie will be distributed to all of our Local Youth offices for YOU to watch.

We will keep you posted as to when they are available.

Still a bit confused?


Contact the NYDA on 0800 52 52 52 or email: [email protected].