SME Accelerator Internship 2018 at Awethu Ventures

Awethu Ventures is looking for an SME Accelerator Intern in Braamfontein.The position of an Awethu SME Accelerator Intern would give successful applicants the opportunity to work across multiple investments in the Awethu SAYF fund, a R64 million investment fund run in partnership with the Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA). The position involves working directly with entrepreneurs and Awethu Venture Managers while working towards building sustainable businesses and creating jobs.

Brief Description

The SME Accelerator Intern will provide counsel to investment managers and entrepreneurs aiding in the business decision-making process. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: process analysis and implementation, recon of time and financial budgets at portfolio companies, coordination of group activities and cross-company teams/meetings, design and execution of advanced primary and secondary research, involvement in operations of portfolio business in times of crisis, communication of findings to portfolio managers, design and implementation of company and portfolio initiatives, coordination of basic resources. May be called upon to develop group presentations or design communications for both internal and external audiences.

This is a constantly evolving start-up environment, and the tasks listed above are fluid and subject to change depending on the investments and Manager the SAYF Intern works with.


  • University degree from an accredited institution.
  • Proficiency in English; both verbal and written
  • Contextual leadership achievement
  • Ability to operate in a dynamic environment
  • Good numeracy ability
  • Entrepreneurial experience (optional but preferred)


  • Integrity – This  role requires honest and ethical individuals
  • Ideally the candidate would have experience in strategic planning.
  • Experience engaging externally with customers, suppliers and partners is preferred.
  • Ability to quickly learn enough depth on new businesses to support strategic discussions and set direction.
  • A combination of business acumen, organization savvy, networking capabilities and expertise to get results across multiple portfolio businesses.
  • Proven leadership, communication skills, and experience in presenting findings.
  • Strong self initiatives and persistence, ability to deal with a high degree of ambiguity and drive clarity in key areas.

How to apply

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