Safety Officer Cover Letter Sample

Candidates often underestimate the importance of a cover letter and spend all their efforts in building a strong resume. In reality however, cover letter happens to be a much more crucial document since employers read it first. It is the candidate’s chance of introducing their candidacy. To be effective, a cover letter has to be really engaging and capable of igniting interest in the reader that is enough to earn a detailed look for the accompanying resume.

Three golden rules in cover letter writing follow:

• Keep it short, simple and relevant
• Relate your qualifications to the advertised role clearly
• Use a tone that is really confident and is in synchronization with the culture of the prospective firm

Below is a safety officer cover letter sample for your guidance.


Safety Officer Cover Letter Sample


Jonathan Henry
83 Ferris Lane • Denver, CO 98330 • (005) 444-3333 • jonathan @ email . com

December 8, 2014

Mr. Gary Rafter
HR Manager
922 Mercury Ave
Denver, CO, 98330


Dear Mr. Rafter:

I bring 6+ years of experience as a safety officer in addition to being involved in development and implementation of occupational safety policies and monitoring of various industrial operations for safety at all stages. The scope of my experience includes but is not limited to: hazardous waste management, safety zone maintenance and incident reporting.

I have highlighted some of my professional accomplishments below that speak highly of my relevant potential:

✔ Installed computerized safety equipment, reducing annual accident rate by 80%.

✔ Devised and implemented an ingenious, green and effective mechanism for management of hazardous industrial waste.

✔ Revised industrial procedural SOPs to ensure compliance with OSHA guidelines.

✔ Centralized hazardous material storage and developed a safe transportation mechanism for the same in line with DOT guidelines for HAZMAT transportation.

Exclusive focus on accident prevention has sharpened my skills in risk identification and threat removal. My main expertise lays in risk auditing, development of effective safety SOPs and determination of safety, exclusion and personnel zones which renders me an ideal candidate to fill in the safety officer position currently vacant at EMS.

I enthusiastically look forward to become a member of your team and to be instantly productive by delivering the expertise and competence you expect of the role. May I suggest an interview to discuss the prospect further? Kindly call me at your earliest convenience at (005) 444-3333 to set up an interview date and time.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jonathan Henry

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