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SA Institute of Race Relations: Junior Research Analysts
November 5, 2015 Graduate Programme

The South Africa Institute of Race Relations (IRR) produces, disseminates, and promotes the new ideas that South African policy makers need in order to promote the investment and economic growth that will draw poor people into jobs and build a more prosperous South Africa.

The IRR is the leading privately funded think-tank in South Africa.

IRR is looking for recent graduates in any field with good writing and analytical skills and a proven commitment to the classical liberal tradition. You will work in our Centre for Risk Analysis in Johannesburg producing social and economic reports.

How to apply

To apply send a 1 page CV and 300 words explaining your commitment to classical liberalism to [email protected]. There is no closing date. Only candidates shortlisted for interviews will be contacted. Appointments will be made as and when suitable candidates are identified.

Via – IRR

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