Pallo Jordan does not hold a PhD as claimed on his CV

ANC stalwart Pallo Jordan appears to have gone to ground following revelations that he does not hold a PhD as claimed on his CV.

According to the Sunday Times, Jordan, who has long gone by the title “Dr”, is nowhere to be found following revelations last Sunday that he does not hold any degree.

Jordan has no degrees or diplomas from the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the London School of Economics (LSE), the two institutions cited on his CV.

The newspaper reports that Business Day has also dropped him as a columnist after he failed to meet his deadline and that close friends, comrades and neighbours have not seen nor heard from him these past few days.

the ANC Youth League said on Monday.

“He remains our comrade. Our teacher and our mentor, regardless of his human defects,” the ANCYL said.

“As the ANC Youth League, we have always [taken] his contribution to any and all discussions seriously and we shall continue to do so. For when we engage as comrades we do not engage with the qualifications of the speaker or presenter but with the content presented or advanced.”

Jordan had also offered to resign from the national executive committee (NEC) of the ANC and from the ANC.

“True to his character, he has apologised to the ANC, its membership and South Africa as a whole,” Mantashe said.

“A man of comrade Pallo Jordan’s intellect does not need to perpetuate deceit; he must be given time to deal with his guilt. As the ANC, we have accepted his public apology; to apologise was not an action of the faint-hearted.”