NYDA : Youth Community Volunteer Database “My Hands and Heart”

Have you heard of the ‘My Hands and Heart’, an online volunteer database that links up youth with volunteering opportunities offered by credible organisations. You are young why not learn new skills and connect with new people.

You are young, learn new skills.

Connect with new people. Share a helping hand and heart.

Did you know that by being involved in your community will increase your access to opportunities.

You will be able to learn new skills, gain exposure and experience, and even help make a difference

NYDA Chairperson, Mr Yershen Pillay says the “NYDA YouthBuild Volunteer Service programme allows young volunteers to be involved in infrastructure development then receive certified training as artisans”.

My Hands and Heart Online Volunteer Database is a partner of the National Youth Development Agency that tailors volunteerism according to your interests and location (an area near you).

Benefits of this opportunity will allow youth skills to create a stepping stone to formal employment thus creating youth opportunities.

You can gain:

  • Experience
  • Exposure
  • Network
  • Personal growth through volunteering


  • All you have to do is register your profile.

    Once that is done, you are able to browse and signup for any available volunteering opportunities.

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