Nanny Self-Introduction Letter Sample

Self-introduction letters for nanny positions are tricky to write since they edict the impression of self-praise. However, if they are carefully charted out, this may not be the case. A self-introduction letter can be a great way of introducing yourself to a prospective employer whose child you may be hired to look after. But it needs to be carefully drafted so that you come across as a good fit for the position that you are introducing yourself for.

Remember that the position of a nanny is a highly sensitive one and you need to be able to convince a prospective employer that you are qualified for it. In essence, a self-introduction letter serves as a cover letter even though it may or may not accompany a resume. In many cases, self-introduction letters are sent along with reference letters from previous employers so that a potential employer can gauge how fit the individual is for a particular position.

There really are no rules governing writing a self-introduction letter but you may want to keep it short and realistic. There is absolutely no need for exaggeration and you may want to ease up on the buttering! As for the rest of the letter, here is how you can write one to introduce yourself as a nanny to a prospective employer.

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Nanny Self-Introduction Letter Sample


December 29, 2014

Ms. Georgina Miles
888 Peters Street
Syracuse, NY 62736


Dear Ms. Miles:

I would like to introduce myself with a view to obtaining a nanny position for your child.

I have been referred to you by Ms. Janice Cole who lives next door to you. Ms. Cole mentioned that you were looking for someone to look after your infant daughter while you are away at work. Owing to my experience, I believe that I am an excellent choice as I have had considerable experience with infants and toddlers and understand how to deal with them during this emotionally and physically jarring stage.

I have worked as a nanny for twelve years, my most recent commission being with Ms. Cole who has been kind enough to grant me a reference letter (enclosed) to vouch for the services I have rendered to her over the previous five years.

Working as a nanny to children aged between 3 months and 10 years, I have a sizeable expertise bank to my name. From looking after children’s personal needs to handling their emotional and educational demands, I have been successful in managing it all. As you will know once you have read the enclosed reference letters, my commissions have never been terminated – I have always left on my own once my wards come to an age where they do not require the services of a nanny anymore.

I am available at (999) 999-9999 if you need to contact me. I look forward to receiving a reply from you soon.




Samantha Kasem

Encl. Resume

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