MIT Glocal Startup Lab: Student Workshop Opportunity

MIT Glocal Startup Lab Workshop Opportunity in South Africa

MIT Global Startup Labs—South Africa is offering an opportunity to LEARN new technologies, SOLVE community problems and BUILD your own future. MIT Global Startup Labs (formerly known as AITI) is dedicated to promoting development in emerging regions through technology and entrepreneurship. This will take place between 23 June – 2 August 2014 at University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. The program is NOT exclusive to University of Witwatersrand students only. All students and professionals not affiliated are welcome and encouraged to apply as well. It’s free to attend.So if you are an Engineer, Businessperson, Designer, or anyone interested in solving problems in their community using technology and creating a venture out of it, this opportunity is for you.

MIT Global Startup Labs is made up of MIT students and alumni with experience in start-ups, entrepreneurship, web and mobile technologies.It will be…

  • Content-rich, MIT-designed technology and entrepreneurship lectures.
  • Relevant, productive, and memorable engineering and business workshops.
  • Guest-lectures from real-world entrepreneurs.
  • Hackathons to jump-start your product.
  • A Demo Day to show off your product.
  • The opportunity to pitch your company and get funded.

Do it because…

  • You will learn & practice new technologies,
  • explore business opportunities in your community,
  • gain leadership & teamwork skills,
  • potentially launch your own company,
  • and have a lot of fun while doing it!

How to Apply

Apply Online

The deadline to apply is May 18th 2014.
They will only be accepting 30 students. Don’t wait to submit your application. It will only take 5 minutes!