Apprenticeship Cover Letter Sample

Learnership Cover Letter Sample – No Experience

You might have heard about the term motivation letters also known as the cover letters basically Cover Letter for learnership is one which is used whenever you apply for anything like for any student program, to any university, for voluntary work in any nonprofit organization, etc

Dear Learnership Selection Panel / or specific name of someone if you have it

Learnership Application: Insert name of qualification / learnership you are applying for

I wish to submit my CV and copies of certificates in order to be considered for the  above Learnership.

I believe I am a suitable candidate for the following reasons:

  1. I applied for jobs but have been turned down. I believe this is because I lack experience. A learnership will provide me with work experience that I can add to my CV thereby increasing my job opportunities in the future.
  2. Although I am interested in the insert name [ tourism, health and welfare, business administration etc.)] sector, I lack the skills to be employed there.
  3. I want to be employed in this sector because I am good at list skills relevant to this sector. [ dealing with people, working under pressure, hard physical work, dealing with different cultures, planning events, working in an office, solving maths problems etc.]
  4. Add any relevant personal or work experience, personal goals etc to show that you do have a real interest in the Learnership field you are applying for. [ I have leadership skills and was a sports captain, prefect etc. I was a member of the Enviro Club at school, this developed my love of nature etc. Offering babysitting services in my community has taught me about running a small business.]

I understand the commitment that will be required of me on this Learnership. I understand that I must work hard  and be dedicated throughout. This is an opportunity that I am willing to make sacrifices for as it can change my life.

I would appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed and to answer any further questions you might have for me.


Your Learner