Junior Recruiter Resume Objectives

Writing a resume objective for the position of a junior recruiter will firstly involve delving into what the job is all about and what skills it requires from you. Junior recruiters are the first people who screen candidates’ resumes so it is important for them to be analytic in their thinking and possess the ability to separate the not so great prospects from the very good ones! Additionally, they will need to be detail oriented and possess a knack for administrative work.

Once you have all the skills of a junior recruiter charted out, you can easily think of many resume objectives that you can choose from. To be perfectly candid, your resume objective is what will bring you near your own recruitment goal so write it wisely. As you know, your resume objective will be the first thing an employer will read after your name and contact information so it has to be impressive.

Looking through the job advert for a junior recruiter position to which you are applying can do wonders for your resume objective. You can pick up keywords from the job description and incorporate them into your objective which will make you appear as the perfect fit for the position. If you are unsure whether the company you want to apply to has an opening or not, just pick up a detailed job description of a junior recruiter and write your resume objective.

You can get some ideas of how to write resume objective for this position by referring to these examples:

Sample Objectives for a Junior Recruiter Resume

• Looking for a Junior Recruiter position with ABC Company employing knowledge of candidate data collection, identifying applicants and handling placement activities to provide the company with a strong and relevant applicant base.

• Seeking a position as a Junior Recruiter with AEC Resources where I can use effective networking and public speaking skills. Highly skilled in making job descriptions and developing an applicant database for the company.

• Desire a Junior Recruiter position with CMI Incorporated. Offers deep knowledge of performing initial human resource screening activities to ensure value creation within hiring procedures.

• To work for AAA Company as a Junior Recruiter. Eager to utilize my ability to hire applicants by initiating, tracking and maintaining initial screening activities for the human resource department.

• To work as a Junior Recruiter at Nigel Frank International. Offering deep knowledge of the full recruitment life cycle and proactive sourcing activities.

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