Jozi’s Traffic Light Teacher given bursary by Jacaranda FM

Jozi’s Traffic Light Teacher, now known as 23-year-old Veli Moses Mackenzie, has been awarded a bursary to follow his dream by studying audio technology at the Academy of Sound Engineering!

Moses on his creativity and originality, and the hashtag #trafficlightteacher, went viral.

His story made such an impact that on Wednesday morning, 21 January, Jacaranda FM’s breakfast team, The Complimentary Breakfast, went out to Moses at Empire road, and on-air and awarded him with a bursary to study at the Academy of Sound Engineering!

Moses is now in need of finding suitable accommodation, and Jacaranda has asked for any help regarding this matter. Moses currently lives under a bridge and sleeps in an old television box near his Empire road ‘office’. 

In July last year, the University of Witwatersrand’s Journalism students, interviewed the inspirational Moses, and compiled a heart-warming, moving video story about him. The piece was published in their Journalism Publication, Wits Vuvuzela.

Traffic Light Teacher
Traffic Light Teacher