Interview with Jordan Belfort, The REAL Wolf of Wall Street

1. What are the secrets of ethical sales strategies and persuasion tactics? Please share the details of your ethical sales tactics. Do you really believe that this skill is something that can be taught?

Ethical sales and persuasion is not about getting people to do things they don’t want or shouldn’t do – it’s about allowing them to overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from taking action that will empower them.

The thousands of successful graduates of the Straight Line System are proof that these are skills that can anyone can learn and apply.

2. The art of persuasion can involve some form of manipulation or maybe exaggeration to serve your purpose. How do you determine whether or not you’re being ethical?

I teach my students to never pressure or manipulate a client and always qualify them – that is, determine whether they actually stand to gain from the encounter. Once qualified, all they are doing is empowering them to benefit from acquiring a great product or service.

3. You’ve gone through the most scandalous time in your life. What is your lesson and how do you earn people’s trust and credibility in business when they know what you’re capable of?

I discovered for myself that life’s most effective lessons are in the failures. And not many people have failed as spectacularly as me.  The most powerful quality that I hope people realise I am capable of is the ability to rebuild and succeed using sound, ethical principles and strategies.

4. Did you have any breakthrough moments when you started reaching out to people in public presentation? 

My first presentations were to corporate clients. It was at these that people started approaching me and saying “How can I take this home with me? Can you teach how individuals can use this system?” I realised then that I could repackage the Straight Line System in a way that any business, entrepreneur or even employee could put into practise and benefit enormously.

5. Are you going to ask someone to sell you a pen at your presentation in Taipei? What is the best answer in your mind?

The obvious answer is not to launch into talking up the properties of the pen. The first step is to establish the needs of the client and to demonstrate your expert knowledge on how your ‘pen’ fulfils those needs.

6. Please share with us the tips about marketing traps and what can we do to avoid them?

Marketing isn’t about ‘traps’ – it’s about opening up awareness of opportunities. The golden rule probably is if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

7. Facing the top broker or salesman like you, how can we break down the sales pitch and protect ourselves?

If you are truly dealing with a ‘top salesman’, they will qualify you – and if they find that you have nothing to gain from a product or service they will not use any unethical means to make you buy something you don’t want or need.

8. What does money mean to you? How do you define the relationships between wealth and happiness?

My character in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ movie says; “I’ve been a rich man and I’ve been a poor man, and I choose rich every time”. I’ve come a long way since then. It is true that money allows you freedoms that lack of money won’t allow, but ultimately it’s the love and support of those important to you that provides you with true wealth and happiness.

9. What grade would you give to yourself for the time being?

I ask attendees of my seminars to give themselves a score on their ‘Wealth Index’. It includes not just levels of income but how they rate themselves on categories like beliefs, standards and vision. Right now I’d give myself pretty close to 10 out of 10 across the board.

10. You have learned from your mistakes and from failure, but you’ve also learned a lot of things from good decisions and success. For you, which offers the greatest lessons?

One of my earliest mistakes was thinking that Gordon Gekko, from the 1987 movie “Wall Street”, could be a role model.  But I came to realise that greed is NOT good. Ambition is good, passion is good. Passion prospers. My goal is to give more than I get, that’s a sustainable form of success.

Interview with Jordan Belfort

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