How to Make a Resume for a Bank Teller Position

The fact that you have worked as a bank teller in a bank is sure to put quite an impression on potential employers. Working in a bank is not only exciting, it also gives you the opportunity to learn the many facets of the financial world and meet new people from whom you end up learning a lot. So it only stands to reason that the resume which you prepare for another bank teller position must hold a lot of weight.

Let us discuss how to develop a winning resume for a bank teller position. Before you begin writing your resume, ask yourself what skills you have developed over the years that will make you a good bank teller. What are your qualifications? Banks only hire people who have no criminal backgrounds, have good credit and whose references check out. While you might not want to deliberately put in information of your criminal background being clear or possessing good credit, mentioning your references is important.

It is also important for you to have worked in a bank previously if you want to apply for a bank teller job. While many banks hire fresh high school graduates as well, they prefer to hire people with some experience to cut training costs and time. If experience is a strong point, make sure you give detailed information of your responsibilities when writing a resume.

Bank Teller Resume Sections


The order in which you write down information in a resume is also important. Your resume must start with a professional profile detailing your cash management and customer service skills and integrity.

Core Competencies:

Make a 4×3 table to write your core competencies. See bank teller job description provided by employer and add keywords in this section.


As you go down further, you must first mention any achievements that you have accomplished in recent years such as a discrepancy in the cash drawer which saved the bank from cash loss or a check deposit procedure that you streamlined.


Experience as a bank teller comes next in which you will provide information of duties that you performed in a similar job previously. Any special skills that you may want the potential employer to know about can be written between the accomplishments and experience sections.

Technical Skills:

Your technical skills also play a great role in getting you to the job interview stage. Providing information of your numeric and data entry skills and the ability to use specialized software such as NuPoint Teller in your resume will do wonders for your chances to bag an interview.


It does not matter what your last formal education was; even if it is a high school diploma, write it down at the end of the resume.

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