Home Choice: Analyst in Marketing Trainee 2018

Home Choice is offering 3rd Year Graduate Students an opportunity to Apply for this Marketing Analyst Trainee Post.

The ideal candidate for this role will be responsible for seeing marketing campaigns and driving business efficiency through campaign analysis and adspend management.

Key Performance Areas

Meet company NSV applicable activities and net efficiency objectives

  • Achieve NSV target for responsible campaign(s) – core or acquisition
  • Achieve intake value target for responsible campaign(s)
  • Achieve CPN (Cost per Name) for responsible campaign(s)
  • Alignment of credit strategy with the business strategy for responsible campaign(s)
  • Key forecasting variables are credible in the business plan and are assessed timeously
  • Ensure business plan projections are credible from an operational perspective
  • Achieve website visitors’ target – if part of campaign

Adspend budget

  • Effective management of responsible campaign(s)
  • Manage adspend unit cost for responsible campaign(s) in line with strategic objectives
  • Achieve campaign efficiency
  • Ensure adspend forecasts are credible and in line with strategic objectives
  • Manage the adspend process to ensure efficiency gains are achieved

Business plan management

  • Delivering a scenario plan with completed actuals in accordance with pre-defined business plan timelines
  • Curve trends are monitored with changes identified timeously for re-forecasting and adjusted accordingly
  • Revenue and spend variances are identified, investigated and explained
  • Management of the back-up process of files for the business plan
  • Develop and roll out test strategies in line with the marketing plan
  • Scenario plan updated accurately
  • New business plan follows agreed business timelines
  • Key annual planning variables are credible and justified

Process management

  • Ensure campaigns are successfully implemented
  • Proposal and implementation of improvements within existing reports to reduce the turnaround time on data reports
  • Sales agent commission is validated and processed in accordance with pre-defined timelines – if part of campaign


Strategic delivery / analysis

  • Analyse trends relating to key variables within campaigns and put forward proposals
  • Package and execution are aligned with campaign strategic objectives
  • Strategies are changed timeously based on results and campaign lessons
  • Reports are completed timeously and accurately
  • Develop weekly and monthly reporting on key variables for responsible campaign(s)


Qualifications & Accreditations

  • A relevant 3 year degree (BSc/ BCom)

Experience & Skills

  • Information monitoring skills to ensure timeous and accurate monitoring, tracking and reviewing of information
  • Advanced computer literacy skills with a high proficiency in MS Excel
  • The ability to integrate and interpret numerical and statistical information (analytical)
  • Time management skills to meet required deadlines
  • Ability to work on tasks required great attention to detail

Attribute & Behaviours

  • Excellent interpersonal communication, assertiveness and judgment skills
  • Performance-driven and results-orientated with a relentless drive to succeed
  • The ability to prioritise and multi-task within a fast-paced and pressurised environment
  • Analytically minded
  • A strong can-do attitude and an energetic positive approach
  • A solid work ethic and a passion for direct marketing, retail and financial services

How to Apply

Apply online 

Apply before Wednesday, August 6, 2014