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Mango looking for IT professionals with Windows, .Net, C++, and Linux experience

Mango will this week embark on a large recruitment and IT skills development drive. This forms part of Mango’s development of its internal information technology resources.

“It is this ability that has seen Mango develop MARS – Mango Airline Reservation System – as well as Africa’s first mobile booking and consumer flight management applications for all major platforms,” said Mango’s Hein Kaiser.

“Programming talent in South Africa rivals that of some of the best knowledge-based economies in the world. There is no reason to outsource beyond our borders,” he added.

The airline plans to recruit several IT professionals with Windows, .Net, C++, and Linux experience.

IT skills development also ranks highly on the airline’s agenda, with an internal mentorship programme aimed at developing programming ability across the team in place.

Mango is also designing an internship programme within its IT department to develop a new talent pool and aid in skills development.

More information on the internship programme for IT graduates will be available over the next few months.