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Four ways COVID-19 has changed job searching for fresh graduates

We are currently living in a far too different world from the one we had known a few months ago. Nearly all elements of our lives have come to a seismic shift towards the online spectrum. With remote work taking the forefront in all aspects of recruitment, it is evident that graduate recruitment has also undergone a virtual transformation.

Understandably, final-year students are experiencing a lot of panic due to the uncertainty prevailing over the employment prospects during the coronavirus pandemic. With layoffs increasing in every sector of major industries, it is evident that finding the right job might become a bit of a hassle in the traditional sense.

It is observed that graduate employability offers an opportunity to focus on the perspective of platform establishment and technology to solve the problems for students across the globe. Technology has definitely changed the entire job search and recruitment process for the better.

From hiring managers to professional recruiters, each individual is singing to their own tunes about the best way of finding a candidate for niche skills and swaying graduates not be actively seeking an employment opportunity. Today, a job-seeking graduate can directly reach out to employers and attract recruiters through an impressive profile and application for a job through a few taps on a plane of glass.

Here is a list of methods that have proved monumental in changing job searching methods for fresh graduates during the coronavirus pandemic.

Acquisition of new skills

The pandemic has presented all fresh graduates to acquire new skills; whether it is an accountant trying their hand at graphic design or a literature graduate pursuing a career in freelance writing, the ample time at home has provided each individual with the resources to either develop an alternate route for career development or improve their current skillset by adding certifications for their skills on the resume. Candidates can explore market trends and understand the needs of the current market base from survey forums like

Approaching different platforms for job searches

COVID-19 has fostered the significance of online forums for job searches. The increased use in LinkedIn profiles and job optimization has enabled thousands of fresh graduates to learn the trade tricks.

The increased use of recruitment agencies and multi-faceted platforms has created opportunities for many graduates to get hired for remote work opportunities. Many recruitment managers have taken to online platforms to help the youth work on their resumes, cover letters, and communication to make a strong impression during a time when jobs are scarce, and seekers are aplenty.

Online interviews

Online interviews have taken up the mainstream in the last few months. This era of Zoom Meetings and Video Interviews has forced companies of all sizes to switch for a better method to meet the needs of recruitment. This has led to companies striving for a strong online presence that can boost the reach of job postings from the given company.

A vast majority of the assessment centers, interview analyses, and psychometric tests are now being conducted over the internet. This implies that firms are no longer required to call for in-person interviews or violate the regulation on social distancing.

However, it has led to the emergence of new etiquette for camera angles, lighting, and distraction-free backgrounds for the optimal experience.

Global reach

It is no longer uncommon for large organizations to work for teams expanding different cities and even countries. The availability of technology to facilitate remote work has opened the larger talent pool for employers around the world. Companies are no longer forced to choose local talent, and job-seeking graduates can apply for positions abroad. The best benefit is that one never needs to relocate when applications like Slack, Skype, Basecamp, and Trello are available for your assistance.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that the period of lockdowns and the impending spread of the virus has made gigantic changes to all walks of life. With the increased use of mobile technology to optimize work for remote opportunities, fresh graduates have found solace in times of uncertainty. Now is the best time to improve one’s skills and add value to their resume.

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