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Five online transcription jobs for beginners

When you launch, your self is a freelance transcriptionist; it is highly important that you keep hunting for the right opportunity to get proper assignments. A lot of transcriptionists would face a lot of issues when they begin the career initially. This could be mainly because of the lack of research and also lack of knowledge regarding the industry. Apart from these, the beginners might not have enough guidance and also lack clarity. Whenever you are planning to become a freelance transcriber, there are a lot of things that have to be taken care of. The most important thing amongst all the others is the kinds of jobs that you get to work upon and also the companies like Dormzi offers freelance transcription jobs to you. 

There are several online companies that can be referred to when you are planning to become a freelance transcriber, but you must be aware that not all those are genuine.

As a transcriber, there are certain things that you must follow in order to sustain in the industry, and that is what is going to make you a successful transcriber. 

  1. Focus on the companies that are credible and do not register yourselves on all the online portals.
  2. Remember to list down the details of all the companies that you want to work with
  3. Understand the history and details of the organisation that offer transcription assignments
  4. Make sure to focus on the payment
  5. Start promoting and selling your skills in order to find good assignments.

When you do all these things, it becomes easy for you to establish yourself with companies that offer good assignments in the areas of transcription. Some of the companies that every beginner must focus on work when they start their transcriber life are given below, and you can click here to know more about them.

Accutran global

This is probably one of the most important companies that every transcriber must aim to work with. Accutran global always encourages new transcribers to register with them. They have amazing transcription assignments to offer to all the new transcribers and majority of the times to work would be at its peak. All the company suffers from non-peak times during a few months, extremely prompt when it comes to the payment. 

Hence, freelancers might not suffer too much. Also, if you want to work with the kids on global, it is important to stick to the deadlines. They are extremely strict when it comes to the turnaround time, and they would certainly not entertain people that are lazy.


If you love to transcribe documents related to entertainment, Bam is one of the companies that you must certainly look forward to work with. Their majority of work focuses on the entertainment sector, and it can be extremely exciting to take up these transcriptions. 

Apart from this, they also look forward to working with transcribers that are experts in the areas of legal, corporate, finance and also general transcription areas. Bam is a versatile company, and you must certainly try to visit their website and keep an eye on the opportunities.

Birch Creek communications

As a beginner transcriptionist, if you are aspiring to specialise in the areas of legal and corporate transcription, Birch Creek communications is certainly one of the companies that will not disappoint you. The come up with fantastic opportunities to new and fresh freelancers. 

However, they would open up a lot of opportunities for people with a couple of years’ experiences too. They are also prompt when it comes to payment. The payments are made based on the length of the file and also the type that one is assigned with.  

Casting words

This is one of those companies that ace in the areas of mechanical industry. They look forward to people who can transcribe technical audio files and convert them into text and readable formats. Their presence is in 66 countries, and you can easily access all the websites and find several jobs that interest you. They open up a lot of assignments to new transcriptionists, and the rate is dependent upon the assignment that you get. 

Daily transcription

As the name says it all if you want to be part of the Daily Transcription company, it is mandatory that you to submit the work on the same day as it is assigned. This is also one of the websites that a beginner transcriptionist must remember to check as they are considered to be one of the most reliable companies to work with. They would have immediate assignments that you can pick, and you’ll also get bulk assignments from this company depending upon the requirements.

These are the five online transcription jobs for beginners that can really help them to shape their career as a transcriptionist. 

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