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Fall to mark layoffs for hundreds of more Nevada workers

Hundreds of Southern Nevada employees have already lost their jobs in this pandemic. Five large companies across Southern Nevada have already laid off at least 817 employees. More than 330 employees between two Las Vegas Valley non-gaming hotels will be laid off too soon. 

The notices were filed by the federal worker adjustment and retraining Notification Act, which ensured employees had notice before they had time to find new work elsewhere. 

Addus healthcare will close its locations too, the same organization said. Additionally, live Nation Entertainment inc. filed a notice saying that it is expected to consider mass layoff, It may also be a temporary thing, the company noticed. They still can not determine at this time the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business or when the government will allow live events to be held or flights to start, so they are waiting for everything to come back to normal. 

MGM Resorts 

Entertainment workers are starting to adopt jobs where they are going to work on online platforms from home. Some of them are still waiting for when the pandemic will be over to return to their jobs. According to a letter sent to Entertainment & Sports employees from MGM Resorts, the company has canceled all-in person performances.  They admitted that they hoped that after closing in March, the closure would last briefly and they would soon be back to entertain their guests, but based on health data now, they don’t believe that being in this field is safe for now. Restart is delayed. 

Circus Circus 

Circus Circus said that they have decided to lay off some employees due to decreased business benefits since the Coronavirus. 252 employees will be permanently terminated. Impacted positions include guest room attendants and table game dealers with retail sales associates. 

The show can not go on 

We all know and love the song “Show must go on” right? In our situation, the show, sadly, can’t go on. Everything that is happening during this pandemic is a sign that soon the market will be in crisis. Casinos are not making as much money as before and People are trying to find freelance jobs. Many people are moving to Las Vegas just for work in the Entertainment industry. A good opportunity right now would be to digitalize the casino industry in Nevada for at least a couple of months if they would like to survive these uncertain times caused by a pandemic. Creating offers like online blackjack for real money could potentially substitute large playing tables that could be a health hazard. Web-pages don’t need as many people as Hotels and big showrooms, so people who are left jobless could consider finding work from home. 

Work from home, Las vegas 

So, we already know that there are tons of people who are left without jobs nowadays. The good news is that one can still work from home in Las Vegas. It’s 2020 and remote workplace is expanding as internet speeds increases and mobile connectivity expands. 

More and more jobs are offering people to work remotely. WFH (Work From Home) days are booming and people are working even full-time positions from their home desks. The future is now. Here are some jobs to do while being at home in Las Vegas. 

Working from home ideas 

There are many professions that offer to work remotely and it really benefits them. Social networks are telling us that one can do:

  1. Networking
  2. App testing
  3. Software engineering
  4. Investor
  5. Business coach
  6. Producer
  7. Web developer 
  8. Technical Writer
  9. Research Associate
  10. Executive assistant 
  11. Social media marketer 
  12. Graphic designer 
  13. Data engineer \ Analyst
  14. Tutor 
  15. Bookkeeper
  16. Recruiter
  17. Real estate agent
  18. Customer Service
  19. Video editor
  20. Customer support specialist

5 Companies who offer to work you from home

There are quite many companies that exclusively offer you to work from home. These are five places with the regular listing for the part, full time and flexible opportunities. You have kids to take care of? Are you traveling? Maybe you change places all the time? Or maybe you just want to work a few hours a day, It is not a problem. Everyone can find proper jobs for themselves. Look no further, there is work that can be done from around the world. 

Check out these five companies bellow:

  1. Appen
  2. Amazon
  3. Sutherland Global Services
  4. VIPKid
  5. Kelly Services

Coworking from home 

If you ask us, coworking spaces are like glorified cafes. Some people are full-time traveling and working from different places every day. And they are quite happy with that.  To value location independence above all is something everyone should learn little by little. All of us are working to build our lives in the best way possible. If you just started embarking on a digital nomad journey you may not realize how much your work style and social life will be forced to change. Even if you strongly prefer to work from home and have never considered coworking spaces before, traveling full time changes things fast. For some it’s the best way to live life, for some it’s messy and they need some routine in their life. So your preferences will lead you to choose wisely. 

Social life 

Did you know that people with a healthy social life actually live longer? There is no doubt that making friends and keeping them is a full-time job sometimes. Many people were thinking before this pandemic that they could just buy a coffee in a cafe and work from there. Why rend workplaces and spend loads of money on that? Of course, workplaces have huge pros too but cons are way more. 


Doing just one thing out of routine can help to boost your creativity. It opens your thinking ways into entirely new ways. Inspiration may be a dumb word but there honestly no better than just thinking about new ideas in different places and not when you are literally stuck at office situation, stressed, and depressed. Of course, there are some companies that offer so much fun and brainstorming that one just can’t say no to them. But in these uncertain times when most of us are jobless and in a bad place financially, finding a remote job is not a bad idea at all.  As we are soon finished in 2020, we must consider new ways of living and doing our work. Different times need different ways of thinking, that goes without saying, and one must obtain them as a pro.

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