Failed Matric? What you need to do

When faced with the horrible experience of failure one is faced with two choices; play dead or or pick yourself up again.


As much as the world may seem to come into an end when you don’t find your name on the newspaper it really is not and there are options for failed matriculants to pursue.



1)      Supplementary exam


Matriculants who have failed less than 3 subject are eligible to write supplementary exams at the beginning of the year at no fee.  All that is required from them is to register their educational distict office using their ID, exam number and result.


2)      Further Education Training  (FET Colleges)
Students have the option of enrolling with FET colleges to pursue National certificates and N3 courses of their chosen field available.  There are education institutions that offer students without matrics to study alternative courses that may lead them to their career aspirations such as Boston City Campus.  Students can find FET colleges in South Africa on the Department of Education’s website


3)      Youth Development Agency 
Students can research government youth developments agencies available that offer second chances. National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) is a youth development agency that ran a project to offer matriculants who failed a second chance.  In 2011, the agency offered student tuition and learner support to and prepared them to pass NSC examinations.


4)      Learnership Programs
A learnership is a program designed to equip a learner with both theorical and hands on experience.  There are companies in South Africa who from alliances with the government to help solve skills shortages in the youth.
5)       Business Opportunities
South Africa is a country filled with a lot of opportunities that require creative individuals to identify gaps in the market and fill them.  There are institutions that offer entrepreneurial skills training.  By identifying a business opportunity one is not only able to create employment form themselves but for their community as well.

Source: www.laddercloud.com/