ERM: Post-Graduate Bursary Programme 2018

Closing Date: 31 October 2014


ERM is running a Bursary Program for Post-Graduate students. If you wish to apply you will need to submit an essay of up to 3,000 words along with your application. Below is the topic for the essay:

Sustainability & Climate Change

  •  What should South Africa do to address climate change without significantly impacting our economy?

Apply for the ERM Sustainability & Climate Change Bursary Programmes 2015

Contaminated Site Management

  •  What is the role of the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs in South Africa and are they fulfilling their mandate?

Apply for the ERM Contaminated Site Management Bursary Programmes 2015

Environmental Impact Assessments

  •  The right to a healthy environment versus business development and job creation often seem in opposition (like the Karoo fracking scenario). Can they co-exist or must one of them prevail?

Apply for the ERM Environmental Impact Assessments  Bursary Programmes 2015

Unfortunately this position is now closed.

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