Customer Service Resignation Letter Example

Once you have decided to leave the organization where you are working as a customer service representative, it is time to write a formal resignation letter. Since working as a customer service representative means that you have much responsibility on your shoulders as far as handing over your work is concerned – in this role, you may be handling the cream of the company’s customers – it is recommended that you provide sufficient notice in your resignation letter so that you can hand over your work properly.

Customer service resignation letters are not much different from other resignation letter. The added responsibility is of course there but you can basically write them in any manner that you deem appropriate. You will need to provide your employer with information on why you intend to leave, what your notice period is and how you plan to make the transition easy. A few words of appreciation won’t hurt either!

Below is an example of a customer service resignation letter that will help you pen down your own.


Customer Service Resignation Letter Example


December 26, 2014

Curtis Martin
Manager Human Resource
Tempest Inc.
667 Holworthy Way
Sacramento, CA 88891


Dear Mr. Martin:

Please accept this letter as a formal provision of my intent to leave Tempest Inc. from my position of Customer Service Representative. My last working day will be January 30, 2015 which is in accordance to the terms charted out in my employment contract.

As you are aware, I am interested in furthering my career goals after finishing my studies. Working for customer support center for Tempest Inc. has instilled in me the desire to obtain a degree in marketing – the experience and the opportunity that you provided to me has been invaluable and I would like to thank you for trusting me with your high profile customers.

I have enlisted in a bachelor’s program in California State University which starts in the first week of March 2015. A month in between will give me sufficient time to make arrangements for moving into the campus hostel and sort out other minor details.

Before I leave, I would like to make sure that the customer service desk does not suffer staff shortage. Please be confident that I will be diligent to train my replacement within these five weeks for a smooth handover. I appreciate being part of an organization that has great vision and I intend to reapply once I will have upgraded my skills.



John Adams
Customer Service Representative
Employee # 2311
Tempest Inc.
Tel: (999) 000-0000 Ext: 251

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