Richards Bay Industrial development Zone (RBIDZ)

Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ)

About Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ)

The mission of the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ) is to provide a conducive environment that attracts appropriate investment for sustainable economic development. The Zone’s strategic goals are to promote good governance and ensure legislative compliance; establish a world-class IDZ infrastructure; establish a sustainable IDZ; and attract fixed investment in export-orientated manufacturing and services industries.

The purpose of proclaiming the RBIDZ was to facilitate the creation of an industrial complex having strategic economic advantage; provide the location for the establishment of strategic investments; enable the exploitation of resource-intensive industries; take advantage of existing industrial capacity, and promote integration with local industry and value-added production; create employment and other economic and social benefits in the region in which it is located; be consistent with any applicable national policies and laws, as determined by appropriate environmental, economic and technical analyses; develop and operate an IDZ in the area designated in the operator permit; provide quality services infrastructure to attract internationally competitive, export-orientated manufacturing businesses; take ownership of the assets and affairs of the Zone and be responsible for ongoing management and maintenance thereof; establish a one-stop service centre and provide commensurate human resources capacity, expertise and suitable technologies; make arrangements for and mobilise requisite resources for the development of the Zone; and operate in a manner that recognises that the shareholder is prioritising development, socio-economic improvement and long-term sustainability, rather than financial profit.

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