Publishers’ Association of South Africa

Publishers’ Association of South Africa

About Publishers’ Association of South Africa

  • To promote and protect the rights and responsibilities of the independent publishing sector in South Africa; and to co-ordinate industry representation, including submissions to and negotiations with Government legislators and other relevant public and private bodies with reference to matters affecting South African publishers;
  • To promote creativity, literacy, “a culture of reading”; and the free flow of ideas, information, and opinion;
  • To establish and apply policy guidelines and codes of conduct as may be adopted by the General Assembly from time to time as applicable to South African Publishers seeking membership of the Association; and to promote best practice and the highest standards of ethics in publishing;
  • To examine policy or legislative proposals likely to affect publishing in the Republic; and to take such measures in support of or in opposition to such proposals, and where appropriate to make representations with a view to securing amendments thereto as may be considered appropriate;
  • To liaise with representative international publishing organisations, and to promote the enactment and enforcement of effective legislation to protect copyright and other intellectual property rights, in order to secure the legitimate interests of authors, publishers and the general public;
  • To provide information, support and resources with reference to new technologies and publishing media, in order to enable South African Publishers to maintain their viability and competitiveness, and to advance the best interests of the publishing industry;
  • To organise and arrange participation by South African authors and publishers in competitions, exhibits, fairs, displays and other events organised to promote a culture of reading and excellence in writing and publishing in South Africa;
  • To provide general assistance and support services to the publishing industry in South Africa, including training, workshops, seminars, and access to a statistical and informational database;
  • Generally, to promote the best interests of the publishing industry in the Republic and to do all such other things as may be reasonably ancillary thereto.

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