Northern Cape Office of the Premier

Northern Cape Office of the Premier

About Northern Cape Office of the Premier


The mission of the Northern Cape Office of the Premier is to provide strategic leadership that will stimulate economic growth to its full potential and ensure high levels of social development. The Office of the Premier derives its mandate from the Constitution and is responsible for the implementation of provincial legislation and national legislation within the functional areas, and administering national legislation outside those listed which have been assigned to the province; the development and implementation of provincial policy; coordinating the functions of the provincial administration and its departments; and preparing and initiating provincial legislation.

Key policy areas of focus derive not only from its legislative mandates but also draw heavily from the Northern Cape Provincial Growth and Development Plan (PGDP). These include, inter alia, the following: providing strategic leadership for growing the provincial economy; ensuring that basic services are delivered speedily; promoting good governance; mainstreaming the rights of vulnerable groups across departmental policies; driving the implementation of the PGDP and monitoring and evaluating across the province; strengthening inter and intragovernmental relations as well as international relations; and ensuring good fiscal discipline.

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