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Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) is an agency of the Provincial Department of Economic Development in Gauteng. The main objective of the Agency is small business development. This includes financial and non-financial support to Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) and cooperatives. GEP started operating in 2005 and its formation was informed by the province’s Growth and Development Strategy (GDS), which identified SMME development as one of the key levers to addressing the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

GEP has adopted seven strategic priorities towards fulfilling its role, achieving its goals and delivering on its mandate: strategically lead, monitor and evaluate GEP’s policies, programmes and projects; plan and implement timeously all GEP’s policies, programmes and projects; ensure prudent, compliant and efficient financial, accounting and supply chain services; create awareness of GEP’s services and products through comprehensive marketing and communication; efficiently and effectively manage GEP’s information communication technology and general facilities services; provide sound legal, governance, risk and compliance services; and deliver efficient and effective corporate services.

These objectives will be reached through the following: strengthening and improving debt management function; greater focus on resource mobilisation and partnerships; improving business development and after-care support; greater focus on township-based businesses in line with the Gauteng Provincial Government Township Revitalisation Strategy; tailor-made interventions to support informal businesses as the Gauteng Informal Business Upliftment Strategy (GIBUS); developing policies and processes to deal with security cover; and implementing a management information system.

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