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In 2005, A.T. Kearney was at a crossroads.

We’d merged with a technology consultancy in hopes of expanding our client base and services, but we’d lost our culture in the process. Many of our best employees were planning to leave—and many had already left.

So our partners faced a critical decision: buy back the company and restore what originally made it great or risk the consequences of maintaining the status quo.

A small group of loyal visionaries opted for the first. They believed that if the partners owned Kearney and recommitted to its values, then the consultancy, its clients, and people would once again thrive. Turns out, they were right.

Since our earliest days, we’ve stood out because of our principles and our people. Our founding partners created a company committed to boldness, passion, curiosity, generosity, and solidarity, and it’s those values that we live every day.

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