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Daily Voice was launched on 16 March 2005 in the Western Cape, selling at the price of R1.50. Its publication was a reaction to the success of the tabloid Daily Sun, published by Media24 and begun in 2002, and was part of a “tabloidisation” wave in the country. The Daily Voice was also modelled after the tabloid The Sun in the UK.

Initially, the paper focused stories on their tag-line “sex, scandal, skinner, sport”. Daily Voice has a team of local journalists to report on stories which are original, relevant and produced for their specific audience.

The motto of the paper in Afrikaans is “Ons skrik vir niks” (English: “We are not scared of anything”). The former executive editor, Karl Brophy, explained that the paper accommodates the socioeconomic classes who have perhaps been left out by the rest of the country’s newspapers.

The Daily Voice attracts a dominant Cape Coloured community. The targeted readership speaks a mixture of English and Afrikaans, which is typical of the Cape Flats and is why the paper is multilingual.

The Daily Voice has a section where readers can share their views on stories and social issues by sending an SMS to the Rek Jou Bek (Have your own opinion) feature.

The Daily Voice has since been sold for R4.00 in Cape Town and surrounds, while its Afrikaans edition was distributed on the West Coast, in the Winelands, the Overberg and even as far as Oudtshoorn. The Afrikaans edition of the Daily Voice was discontinued in June 2013.

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