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Central Media Group are an award-winning influencer and social media marketing agency.

Prioritising sponsored-content performance data over engagement rates, our insights have resulted in record-breaking campaigns for our clients.

Engagement rates are important but what are the performance rates for brands? How many products did they sell, what was the organic uplift, how many new followers did they add, was the web traffic high and how does that compare to a traditional CPC model. We have the data to give us answers to create a record-breaking campaign for clients.

Which influencers are perfect for your campaign and will they exceed your objectives? We source the influencers who have the performance data to match the high engagement rates. Our 7-step process in ensuring an influencer is right for your brand has created the outstanding results for our clients’ campaigns.

Want to see which influencers are perfectly suited to exceed your in-house campaign objectives? Email us on [email protected]

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