Сhokers and Harness acsessories

Сhokers and Harness acsessories: emphasize your femininity

Сhokers and harnesses for women are not only style-forming details, but also one of the ways to emphasize sensuality and look sexy.

How to correctly emphasize femininity while not giving vulgarity? We’ll show you how to wear seductive accessories, while remaining stylish and seductive, but at the same time intriguing and mysterious.

Features and types of chokers

A choker necklace is an accessory designed to fit snugly around the neck. The choker is often decorated with metal pendants, rhinestones, textured patterns, spikes, rings, rivets, and other fittings. Collars and lingerie leather with a BDSM aesthetic are distinguished by their originality and design with thigh cuffs, bondage harnesses, handcuffs and harness leather belts.

How to wear a choker


Wide chokers can afford only the owners of an enviably long neck like Audrey Hepburn. Therefore, it is essential to know that the thinner the choker strip, the slimmer the channel seems.


Pair the choker with a boat neckline or V-neckline. But wearing a collar with a neckline or fine clothes should be very careful because instead of sexuality and sophistication, you can give the impression of vulgarity.


It would help if you did not compliment the choker with many other jewellery pieces, such as massive bracelets and earrings. Narrow collars are beautifully combined with long thin chains. They mustn’t overlap each other. Otherwise, it will look sloppy. The choker should always be the main highlight of the image.

Dangers of wearing chokers

  • Correct sizing and adjustable length. Choose a choker closer to the neck but without discomfort. You should quickly remove it. A choker suits you if you can fit one or two fingers through and breathe well. The standard necklace size is 16 inches, but just in case, measure your neck length and add 2 inches.
  • Remove your choker before bed. Sleeping with it can be pretty dangerous because you can get injured or, worse, restrict your airways, which can be fatal.
  • Choose a choker with a comfortable clasp. Choker necklaces often have hooks, metal clasps, or knots. Remember that it should be easy for you to unfasten it and take it off quickly.
  • Choose natural materials. Leather harnesses for women are one of the natural collections. Accessories should not injure your skin or cause allergic reactions and irritations. A choker is an addition to your beautiful style, not a reason to seek medical help.
  • Find your style. Choosing the right choker means considering things like the material of the choker, length, width, colour, and the style that best accentuates your neck and matches your personality.
  • Correct choker width. For a sophisticated look, choose a simple choker made from natural materials. If you want to create a stunningly sexy or brutal look, choose more massive items with additional furniture.

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