Canon Collins Trust: GreenMatter Fellowship application Open

Closing Date: 29 August 2014.

The GreenMatter Fellowship is designed to connect a community of outstanding champions, leaders and advocates who contribute positively towards managing and maintaining our country’s biodiversity.

The Fellowship is unique in that it offers a range of development opportunities and welcomes graduates, young professionals and established leaders from all walks of life. It emphasises camaraderie, community and peer learning, while encouraging individual excellence. Financial support is complemented by networking, mentoring and structured professional development opportunities.

Applications are invited in the following priority skill areas:

  • Agricultural Extensionists with biodiversity specialism •
  • Curators (biodiversity collections) •
  • Ecologists: esp. in marine but also aquatic and terrestrial systems •
  • EIA practitioners •
  • Engineers with environmental/biodiversity specialism (incl. civil) •
  • Social Scientists specialising in environment, indigenous biodiversity knowledge •
  • Taxonomists; Geneticists: molecular biology with a specialisation in biodiversity conservation •
  • GIS specialists and technicians •
  • Human Capital Development: High level biodiversity education and HCD specialists •
  • Lawyers with environmental specialism •
  • Monitoring Specialists, species protection and inspectors •
  • Policy Developers and Analysts, urban and regional planners with biodiversity insight •
  • Wildlife Veterinarians •
  • Biosphere Reserve and Protected Area Managers •
  • Resource Economists with biodiversity related specialism •


  • ICT specialists and technicians with biodiversity skills •
  • Social Ecologists •
  • Soil Scientists •
  • Statistical Ecologist & Modellers

GreenMatter has a strong transformation agenda and is looking to support black South African candidates where possible.

All eligible applicants will also be considered for these named awards:

  • The Crossley-UCT Award: for students enrolling at the University of Cape Town to commence PhD studies in 2015. The cash bursary amount is R150 000 per annum.
  • The Crossley-Stellenbosch Award: for students enrolling at Stellenbosch University to commence PhD studies in 2015. The cash bursary amount is R150 000 per annum.
  • The Mapula Award: for students wanting to enroll at Stellenbosch University to commence PhD studies in 2015. The successful candidate will be based at Stellenbosch University’s Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology with field work focused primarily on the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. The aim is to develop a protocol for assessing the success of a Biosphere Reserve in terms of its various zones and their increasing land use intensity away from the core. The cash bursary amount is R90 000 per annum.

GreenMatter is targeting a range of priority skills areas and is asking applicants to articulate how their work relates to national imperatives.

Value & Duration

The GreenMatter Fellowship currently offers postgraduate development awards up to the value of R150 000 per annum, which comprises R40 000 pa for Masters (up to 2 years) and R90 000 pa for PhDs (up to 3 years), including 2 skills development contact sessions in the first year. Applicants can either already be enrolled in their course or commencing study in 2015.

How to apply

The GreenMatter Fellowship awards are administered by the Canon Collins Trust. For more information on the awards, application forms, criteria and guidelines please visit the GreenMatter Fellowship page on the Canon Collins Trust website (http://www.canoncollins.org.uk/greenmatter.html).


Applications received late will not be considered. This is a highly competitive process and only a small number of awards are available.