CAD Design Engineer Cover Letter Sample

To be considered for almost any position, one needs to furnish the resume with a compelling cover letter. Below are some guidelines that will aid you in coming up with an impressive cover letter for a CAD Design Engineer position.

• First of all determine the tone, format and the content of your cover letter based on extensive research regarding the employing firm and their preferences.

• Next, jot down your highly relevant strengths and accomplishments and also make a list of those traits that are relevant to the job.

• Now start with a catchy introduction and move on to highlight the relevance of your candidacy with the job at hand.

• Conclude your letter with an air of confidence, scheduling an interview for yourself and also communicate a follow up plan.

Below is a well written CAD design engineer cover letter sample.


CAD Design Engineer Cover Letter Sample


Oliver James

340 Ivy Blvd • Irvine, CA 78220 • (007) 333-2222 • oliver @ email . com

December 21, 2014

Mr. Leonardo Jacob
HR Manager
78 Unicorn Lane
Irvine, CA 78220


Dear Mr. Jacob:

I am responding to your advertised vacancy for a CAD Design Engineer. Working as a CAD Engineer for the past 4 years, I have built a reputation of facilitating all members of the engineering team through lucid 2D and 3D illustrations of Computer Aided Designs and exceeding the customers’ expectations when it comes to design and infrastructure modeling.

My talents in creating computerized models for upcoming and existing equipment and structures, specifying materials for the product and defining appropriate development methodologies have not only enabled me to succeed as a CAD Engineer but also to excel in designing the best prototype equipment catered to the customer’s exact needs. Designing of floor plans and elevations with realistic renderings of the same, using CAD software is my biggest strength and allows me to address the client’s requirements and troubleshoot infrastructure issues in a pleasing manner.

Being an adaptable person and a strong team player in possession of excellent communication skills, I am highly capable of supervising assistant drafters and maintain the self confidence, credibility and stature to make things happen in a team oriented environment. As my enclosed resume details, I have many noteworthy professional accomplishments to my credit and have benefited my previous employers greatly with my technical expertise.

I strongly believe that I can make a positive contribution in the success of MAXILINEAR if hired and can’t wait to discuss the opportunity further with you in person. Call me at (007)333-2222 or email at oliver @ email . com now to communicate a meeting time and date that suits you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Oliver James

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