Bursaries to study Health and Safety in 2018 at SRA

SRA has on a continuous basis strived to improve the lives of many South Africans.

We put our client’s money to good use.

SRA serves committee in the following ways:

  • We donate school bags, paint classrooms, plant veggie gardens and distribute groceries and stationery hampers to rural schools.
  • We distribute toys and Santa’s Shoe boxes to disadvantage communities.
  • We also distribute hampers containing personal toiletries to the Aged

SRA has identified that there is a greater need to uplift our Youth now than before.

With the rate of Unemployment soaring, we need to give the Youth hope for the future.

SRA is proud to launch our BURSARY COMMUNITY PROJECT.

This is just a little something to assist our youth who are so lost and generally choose the wrong path in life due to boredom or simply the lack of finance to subsidise any form of education.

What is great about these bursaries is that it is fully transferrable.

This means that the bursaries can be passed on to someone who needs a helping hand.

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