Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting: Bursary Programme 2018

Closing Date: 24 August 2014

Field Of Study

  •  BSc Mechanical Engineering
  •  BSc Metallurgy
  •  BSc Chemical Engineering
  •  BSc Industrial Engineering
  •  BCom Transport
  •  BCom Credit Management
  •  BCom Procurement
  •  BCom Marketing
  •  BTech Credit Management
  •  BSc Information Systems Bsc Environmental Science BSc Chemistry
  •  BSc Civil Engineering
  •  BCom Forensic Auditing/Accounting

How To Apply

Forward MS Word doc CV, copies of all qualifications, recent salary slip and ID to [email protected]

NB: Only Applicants with a disability may apply for this Bursary and please provide a short description of your disability in your CV so that we can better understand your reasonable accommodation requirements.