Actors / Presenters / Cameramen & Editors at AlternaTV

If you’re an aspiring or established actor, cameraman or video editor we have some great news for you. AlternaTV is launching a very exciting online video content project and we’re affording you the possibility to become part of the AlternaTV Project X campaign (Reference: #ProjectX).We’re looking for actors, cameramen, editors and really just anybody who is keen to get involved with our online video project that would see you showcasing your mad skills to the world. These opportunities are available in Johannesburg, Randburg

Watch the promotional video: http://alternatv.tv/?p=1468

Company Description

AlternaTV is SA’s first Internet TV channel showcasing the latest in alternative music, gadgets, motoring, movies, fashion and internet entertainment.

How to apply

So if you live in South Africa and consider yourself an actor, a kickass cameraman or a capable video editor send us your bio, portfolio, headshots or CVs to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch as soon as Project X launches at the end of October 2014. Share the love!

Enquiries: Tel. (011) 288 – 6600

Via – Bizcommunity