Job scam

5 Tips to Avoid Job Scams

0:02: job hunting is scary enough without having to deal with gamers
0:05: here are five tips to avoid a treatment gans brought to you by  Career24 dot com
0:10: as  the job seeker you should never have to pay a people applying
0:14: this is usually dead giveaway that it’s a scam
0:17: there are no shortcuts to financial success
0:21:stay away listings that offer you high income for part-time hours
0:25:people applying anyway
0:29:first research the company and check the contact details and references
0:33: never give your bank details
0:36:or things too personal information to anyone claim to needed for your
0:40 :application form
0:41:digital but hiring managers and recruiters with MBA correspondence from
0:46:their business
0:46:email address not a personal one more created by Stan to search for thousands of quality
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0:56 get a career you can be proud of