Valentine’s Day jobs
13 common Valentine’s Day jobs, hiring now
February 12, 2016 Bursary
Valentine’s Day jobs

Valentine’s Day jobs

1.  Delivering Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule

Did you know that flower prices are marked up as much as 300% on the days and weeks leading up to February 14th?  In spite of this, many men feel a social obligation to go ahead and pay the premium to make sure their women don’t feel left out.  A few years ago, I decided that instead of giving into the social pressure– I was going to use all of this money being spent to my advantage.  Instead of purchasing flowers for my wife, I decided to figure out how to get a job delivering them on Valentine’s Day.

Finding a Flower Delivery Service

The simple truth is that a TON of flowers are going to get delivered to homes and businesses on and around Valentine’s day each year.  It just doesn’t make business sense for the florists in the area to have a legion of delivery drivers who are sitting around 364 days per year, waiting for February 14th.  As such, they will likely need to hire a seasonal service to find some drivers.

2. Cake Decorator on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule

“Responsible for preparing and decorating cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods. Requires at least six months of cake decorating experience and strong customer service skills. Part-time.”

3. Wine Tasting Consultant on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule

“Conducts wine tastings for retail store customers. Requires strong interpersonal skills and some wine knowledge. Part-time. $75 for a three-hour tasting.”

4. Floral Designer on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule

“Creates floral arrangements, trains and coaches employees, and sells products to customers. One year of floral design experience and strong communication and customer service skills needed. Part-time position.”

5. Echocard Technologist on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule

“You will be providing echocardiograph procedures and reviewing data and medical records for medical history. 1 year of experience required and must be registered or be registry eligible. Part-time, variable schedule.”

6. Wedding Coordinator on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule

“Part time wedding coordinator is sought for a position in St. Paul, MN. Role will be primary point of contact for wedding planning at university setting, including planning service and rehearsals. Must have HS diploma or GED and 3 yrs’ admin experience.”

7. Faculty – MS Marriage, Couple & Family Counseling on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule, Telecommuting

“Using a doctoral degree and 3 years’ experience as a counselor educator, the part-time faculty member will teach graduate-level courses being delivered on a virtual platform. Will work from home with minimal travel.”

8. Massage Therapy Instructor on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule

“A massage therapy instructor is needed to prepare course plans and materials, advise students, monitor attendance, and record grades. Position requires a candidate with a diploma or certification in massage therapy and 3 years’ exp. Part-time.”

9. Product Manager Coronary Stents on Valentine’s Day

Type: Telecommuting

“Duties include creating marketing campaigns, driving brands, collaborating with global counterparts, developing plans and objectives, and contributing to sales. 4-yr degree with 4+ yrs’ marketing or sales experience needed. Option for telecommuting.”

10. Business Coordinator, Chocolate Company on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule, Flexible Schedule

“Business coordinator needed for a premier chocolate company. Candidate will ensure effective merchandising and marketing of products at retail locations. Requires strong communication skills and 1 year of related experience. Part-time, flexible.”

11. Music Seller on Valentine’s Day

Type: Part-Time Schedule

“Part-time employee will be responsible for customer service in the music department of a major retailer. Will answer customer inquiries as a subject matter expert. Will maintain the department’s aesthetic through maintaining organization of products.”

12. Greeting Card Writers on Valentine’s Day

Type & Location: Full-Time/Part-Time
Industry: Writing, Blogging, Entertain & Media, Art & Creative
“Talented and witty Writers needed to create humorous and original greeting card and notepad message for a variety of occasions. Drawing skills not required, but must be able to express yourself “visually”. Telecommute.”

13. Waiters and bartenders valentine day jobs

Type & Location: Full-Time/Part-Time

Valentine’s Day need more Waiter and Bartender to meet the demand  of increased of customers this day. 

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