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Why finance is the most desirable job in Africa?

In recent years African countries showed everyone that they are also able to offer innovative ideas to people. The fintech industry is gradually developing in the region and more youngsters become involved in modern technologies. The surge in using modern technology is already visible and numerous projects are already underway in Africa.

As time passes we see an obvious trend that the financial industry becomes appealing for young people in Africa and already has a label of the “most desirable job”. There are various reasons for that and in this article, we will talk about them.

Forex trading

Even though it is not a typical financial job, Forex trading is closely related to financial activities. Trading has become prevalent in the past decade and also engulfed Africa, where Nigeria and South Africa are distinguished. The latter especially is prominent where more and more youngsters are learning how to trade Forex in South Africa an attend various seminars.

Forex trading is attractive because it is a way to make a fortune if you have proper knowledge and understanding of financial markets. Well, the obvious example we have is George Soros who made a lot of money by Forex trading. And he is not alone. There is no need to have thousands in your account to start trading – a dollar is enough. So becoming an ace in Forex is a dream for everyone.

Competitive salary

Not only in European countries but also in Africa people who undertake financial jobs are offered a decent salary. For example, in Kenya, a fresh newcomer with financial knowledge can earn roughly KSh 589,581. Experts with relevant experience are few in African countries so whoever has acquired good financial literacy is offered a high salary.

Working with financial IT programs

Modern financial and economic education is impossible without high technologies. While Africans are involved in financial jobs, among other things, they working with functionalities that are used in financial activities. They can study and master various financial programs, at the same time acquire additional skills in related professions.

Possibility of development 

We know that when an individual takes up a job whether it is a financial or another one, there is always a possibility for development. You cannot just be stuck in one place. In Africa, financial jobs offer a huge space for development which can result in a higher salary and decent career. At some point, it is also possible to continue a career in foreign countries, which is a dream for African youngsters. 


To sum up, these are the main reason that drives African youngsters to study more about finances and engage in financial jobs. While most of the countries still struggle to achieve decent living standards, it should be said that a good expert is needed in every sector. And as the financial industry and fintech, in general, are gaining a foothold in Africa and we have an example of different innovations it is not a wonder why this field is interesting for everyone.

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