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Wedding Photography to Capture Emotions and Memories

Marriage is a blissful union of two souls. It is a lifelong journey that one chooses to share with the other person. This eternal bond is made of love, trust, and faith. It brings a sense of concern and responsibility towards the partner and the family. Marriage is more than a physical bond – an emotional and spiritual bond. The holy matrimony sealed the deal with life to death commitment. It marks the beginning of untold promises and togetherness with the solemnity of forever. It creates new relationships with equal rights between the partners. Supporting each other through hard times and various ups and downs of marriage is one of the beautiful aspects of the union. Not only two souls, but two families also become one.

A wedding brings all the people together despite the differences between them. This is a lifetime moment in the life of the bride and the groom. In every religion, there is a different way of getting legally married. During Sikh wedding, a ceremony takes place which involves taking the “pheras” of the holy ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. Known as Anand Karaj, the Sikh Wedding ceremony, held under the pristine white dome, is charming as well as peaceful in its own way. It is the purest form of a wedding which takes place in the presence of the bride and the groom’s families.

The true expression on the faces of both bride and the groom are captured for a lifetime by the photographer. The photos are cherished for the lifelong by the couple. Pure moments are restored forever in the eyes and the heart through these adorable photographs. Generations after generations experience the same happiness while going through the beautiful pictures captured by the Best Anand Karaj Photography

Secured in the albums, held close to the heart, these photographs speak a lot about the special and auspicious wedding which happens to be the biggest and happiest day of the couple’s life. Those precious moments are captured for eternity through the photographs. The candid images reflect the true emotions and passion in the photos. The photography, when done in the right manner, captures the tale and aura from day one. It brings out the character and elements from the occasion, whenever one takes a glance at it.

Various rituals and customs are carried out through the festivity of the wedding to seek the blessings of the almighty. Rituals are traditionally inculcated in Indian values and roots. No event is considered complete without them. Rituals bind people together with each other. They bring joy and cheerfulness to the lives of the loved ones. People forget their conflicts when it comes to traditions and customs, and marriage is the perfect example of such unions. It brings people close and spread joy. The ritual of hiding the groom’s shoes by the sisters-in-law brings a lot of joy and a little bit of a sweet and sour relationship between the groom and bride sides. Haldi ceremony takes place before the wedding to bless the couple. This ceremony consists of applying Haldi to the ladies of both sides. It is one of the most vibrant and interesting ceremonies in which a clan of every age group participates wholeheartedly. This is a ceremony that witnesses the exchange of thoughts between the generations. These events help to reduce a communication gap which might lead to lots of unnecessary conflicts. Seizing such irreplaceable moments and translating them into picturized memory in the form of photography which generation will treasure this art form.

In ancient Hindu mythology, Girls used to have the right of choosing their life partner themselves without any pressure and burden. Decisions were taken by the free will of the girl. Girls were able to express views and choices freely. In Ramayana, a ‘Swayamwar’ for ‘Sita’ was organized in which Sita herself choose ‘Ram’ as her soulmate. In Mahabharata, ‘Draupadi’ refused to marry ‘Karn’ because of his low status. ‘Arjun’ proves himself as ideal husband material, only then ‘Draupadi’ put the garland around his neck and accepted him as the husband. Goddess Parvati performs extreme austerity to win Shiva’s heart to become his wife. Marriages hold a very auspicious role in the life of an individual. 

In a Sikh wedding, shabads are sung when the couple circumambulates the auspicious ‘Guru Granth Sahib’. Guru Arjan Dev Ji- the fifth Sikh guru, and Mata Ganga was the first couple to get married according to the Anand Karaj ceremony. This sacred way of tying a knot is now being opted by various North Indian families. Best Anand Karaj Photography can capture the beauty of this ceremony which is gradually gaining a lot of popularity.

Nowadays, marriage has become a status symbol in society. Hence, no wedding seems complete without photography. Many couples are also opting for pre-wedding and post-wedding shoots. 

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