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Tips for Choosing the Best Background Checks Service

Background Checks

Background Checks

Employment background checks are essential during recruitment. With more information and services, you need to know and be clear on what you need. When you understand background checks essentials, you are better placed to evaluate various options to choose the best service.

For pre-employment screening to be successful, you need accurate information determined by costs. Also, look at the federal regulation of such data to know what you can legally do with the records. It helps avoid lawsuits on an employer, underlying the need to understand the proper use of such background checks.

Below are some tips on choosing the best background check service

Understanding of Compliance Requirements

Conducting background checks need the capture, use, transfer, and storage of sensitive information on candidates. As such, the service provider requires a thorough understanding of the compliance requirements. The provider should have staffing experts to ensure they comply and are up to date with industry regulations.

Collecting and using individual information is regulated by a country’s federal laws. The background screening provider needs to commit to compliance. Also, candidates should consent for the searches to be conducted on them. Part of the consent involves the candidate having information on how the screening provider and hiring organization will use their data. Luckily, if you need enhanced candidate experience in Australia, Intercheck offers a user-friendly and humanized background checking process.

Turnaround Time and Cost

Since hiring decisions depend on acceptable background checks, HR seeks the fastest turnaround times, especially during high volume hiring or fierce talent competition. Despite improvements in data sourcing practices and technology that have reduced turnaround times, criminal records search could take two days. Although an essential criminal investigation takes a shorter time, screens that include education, employment, and reference could take longer. 

Also, it would help if you considered the pricing among providers. At times, when costs are cheap, you might get questionable database results. It is because some providers might take shortcuts when sourcing records to reduce costs. Therefore, the screening provider should match your organization’s culture and strategy. If your company needs fast onboarding processes, you need a screening company with strength in that area.

Technology Considerations

The flexibility and sophistication of a service provider’s technology define top companies. A vendor needs to have a scalable, configurable, and scalable screening platform. They should also operate on a global platform with customer service offered by those who understand the local regulations and laws.

Also, vendors should have the ability to integrate with different applicant tracking systems (ATS). It creates workflow efficiency to make life easy for job applicants and human resources. With the candidates’ data pouring into an ATS, the employers can access information like education, past employment, and criminal history in a given location, reducing the processing time. 

To candidates, the integration eliminates frustrating double-entry of personal data such as social security numbers.When a service provider has top systems, applicants can consent for checks or enter the needed personal information through mobile devices and service portals.

When you hire employees with false education, employment histories, or criminal records, it can lead to fallout in an organization. Gladly, Intercheck Company can simplify your background checks. They offer a platform to manage, verify and store police checks, licenses, and qualifications in one place.

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