South West Gauteng TVET College

South West Gauteng College is a public Technical and Vocational Education and Training  (TVET), formerly, FET college,  operating under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in terms of the Continuing  Education  Act, Act No.16 of 2006, as amended. The College is accredited by Umalusi and several Sector Education and Training Authorities (Seta’s) to offer education and training, mostly in the FET band (NQF Level 2 to 4). Some programmes are offered in the Higher Education band i.e. the N4 to N6 levels.

Starting from 2007, the (FET )TVET colleges have been offering the new three year TVET curriculum, which culminates in the awarding of the National Certificate (Vocational) [NC (V)] to students. This qualification is opening two doors to the successful students. Since their education will have had a deliberate vocational slant, the students completing the NC (V) Level 4 qualification are able to enter the job market. The first cohort of NC (V) graduates came out at the end of 2009 and was received well by the economy.

The important thing is that if one wants to follow a vocational direction, either in Engineering Studies, Business Studies, or Utility Studies, one does not need to stay at school until one has passed Grade 12, since colleges are offering a three-year vocational qualification. To enrol for this qualification, one only needs to have passed the minimum of Grade 10, but the qualification is more suitable for learners with a higher school grade, e.g. Grade 11 or even Grade 12.


How to Apply

The following Procedure should be adhered to:

  1. Manual Application forms can be obtained at any of the College Sites/Campuses and, or on the College Website; www.swgc.co.za
  2. Online Applications can be found on the College’s Website: www.swgc.co.za and can be completed electronically

Returning of the Application Forms:

1.1.         Semester Application Forms
1.1.1.     Completed application forms to be sent to any of the College Sites, by hand, fax, email or post.
1.1.2.     Applicants will be notified of their acceptance / non-acceptance no later than June

1.2.         Third Trimester Application Forms
1.2.1.     Completed application forms to be sent to any of the College Sites, by hand, fax, email or post. Completed Forms may be submitted from the 01st June  and must reach the College no later than 01st August
1.2.2.     Applicants will be notified of their acceptance / non-acceptance no later than 24 August 

1.3.         Distance Learning
                 1.3.1.     Applications are opened throughout the year.

Completed Application forms must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Certified copy of Identity document.
  • Certified copy of latest results/qualification

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Contact Details


Physical Address
1822 A Molele Street
C/O Koma Road And Molele Street
Molapo, Soweto

TEL: 086 176 8849
TEL: 011 527 8300 / 010 140 7942

Private Bag X33
Tshiawelo 1817
Tel. 011 984 1260
Fax 011 984 1262
E-mail [email protected]

Website : www.swgc.co.za