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Pros and cons of hiring maid services

hiring maid services

A housemaid plays an integral role in a household. She looks after the daily, day to day household chores. They’re of great help to the family. They take care of the comfort of the family even at the cost of their own convenience. They work diligently even if they are not at all well. They do all the household work irrespective of hot summer and chill winter.

A clean and fresh house is like heaven and it is always welcoming to come to a clean house. It takes a large amount of effort to maintain and keep your house clean but it has its own advantages and perks. If you clean regularly and effectively, your house will always look as beautiful as a new one. 

There are several companies that provides maid services to houseowners. But, have you ever noticed how many start-ups start off great, promising a perfect cleaning but end up delivering a lot very little? Well after some years of hearing stories from prospects how they were “burned” by one cleaning service after another who simply ended up emptying trash, running a pretty quick vacuum, putting out some towels and hand towels. Over and overdoing a quick cleaning job, using hard chemicals, with a different and untrained person each week because they weren’t getting trained and supervised people or near the quality cleaning they were promised, not having a quick response when you have to communicate! 

This leaves you frustrated and makes your day sour when you have to fix things on your own. All of this pulling you off what you need to be doing and why you hired the house cleaners in the first place.

Hiring maid services come with both pros and cons. Today, we have made a list of all the advantages and disadvantages you get when you hire maid service in Houston, Tx.


Maids Have a Consistent Cleaning Schedule

Most house owners have a proper schedule for work, kids, dinners, cleaning, and a lot of other activities. However, more often than not, life gets in the way and certain confusions come up. As you probably know first-hand, cleaning your house usually gets pushed to the side. If you hire a maid cleaning service, you’re hiring a consistent and continuous cleaning schedule done by someone else. Life can’t get in the way. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, you know your house will be cleaned because you have hired a maid service.

You’re Hiring Experts

Just like a roofer, gardener, or electrician, you’re hiring an expert in that specific field. They know how to remove pretty tough stains or funky weird smells. As with all the house jobs, go over the specifics with the maid or a group of cleaners before they start the work to make sure they can take care of what you’re asking for. Similar to a carpet cleaning professional, you want to make sure that they know how to get the job done right.

You’re Buying free time

The number one reason, homes get dirty is lack of attention. Besides life getting in the way, many house owners don’t like to clean their houses. After a long day of hectic work, who could blame you? When you hire a maid, you free yourself from all the chores, this gives you enough free time to spend with your family. It not only buys you alone time but also peace of mind knowing you have professionals cleaning your house as often and efficiently as possible.

You Never Have to Clean a Toilet Again

People tend to skip cleaning certain areas of the home properly like the bathroom or toilet because they don’t like scrubbing bathroom floors or cisterns. Plus, there are few jobs like cleaning vents or chimneys, which are not easy to do without professional help.


More Expensive than DIY

As mentioned above hiring a maid is not cheap. Many factors determine the final cost of service such as scheduling, taking care of pets, cleaning clutters, and more. If you have a built-in office, then it can add to the cost as well.

Consistency is not a Guarantee

Depending on the staff of your cleaning service, you could get a different maid each week or month. The cleaning method used by every maid is different, so until you are hiring the same maid, you cannot guarantee consistency.


Hiring a professional cleaning service brings house owners tranquility of mind and freedom they can’t get if they chose to clean their homes themselves. Nonetheless, it comes with a cost and many choose to ignore it. Now that you have the best of both sides, it’s the right time to make your decision.

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