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North-West University (NWU)

North-West University (NWU)  has three campuses namely, Mafikeng Campus, Potchefstroom Campus and Vaal Triangle Campus.

The NWU is a multi-campus university with a footprint across two provinces. The Mafikeng and Potchefstroom Campuses are situated in the North-West Province and the Vaal Triangle Campus is in Gauteng. The head office, known as the Institutional Office, is in Potchefstroom, situated near the Potchefstroom Campus.

The NWU officially came into being on 1 January 2004 as part of the South African government’s plan to transform higher education. In our case, this saw a historically white university and a historically black university merging to create a new university where South Africans from all walks of life have come together.

The historically black university was the former University of North-West, whose students were mostly black people from rural communities. The historically white university was the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, whose students were mostly white Afrikaans people from Christian backgrounds. A third party was the Sebokeng Campus of another mainly black university, Vista, whose staff and students were incorporated.

Their coming together to form the North-West University (NWU) was a strong symbolic act of reconciliation and nation building – and a highly effective one. The transition to the unified NWU has been hailed as one of the most successful and stable higher education mergers in South Africa. Each year since the merger, the NWU has produced a healthy financial surplus, improved student pass rates, increased research output and risen in the corporate governance rankings for South African universities.

This stability reflects the culture of consultation at the NWU, our clear vision, values and mission, our effective governance and leadership, and the well-defined strategic and operational plans we have made to take the NWU into the future.

How to Apply

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Website: nwu.ac.za

Online application: click here

Application Fee: Free

Applications: OPEN

Opening Date: 1 April 2023

Closing Date: August 2023

Contact: 018 299 1111/2222

Email: [email protected]

Location: North West, Potchefstroom

Mafikeng Campus:

  • Study Information
  • Admission Requirements
  • How to apply online
  • Online Application
  • Application Form pdf
  • Postgraduate (Masters & Doctorates studies)
  • Yearbooks

Potchefstroom Campus:

    • Undergraduate  Administration
    • Course Information
    • Admission Requirements
    • How to apply online (Prospective and Honour’s students)
  • Online Application: Applications open 1 March 2015
  • Application Form pdf
  • Postgraduate (Masters & Doctorates studies)
  • Yearbooks

Vaal Triangle Campus:

    • Academic Administration
    • Admissions
    • Admission Requirements
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    • Honours Studies
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Mafikeng Campus

This Campus has five academic faculties with a total of 14 schools and various centres.

Agriculture, Science and Technology
– School of Agricultural Sciences
– School of Environmental and Health Sciences
– School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
– Centre for Applied Radiation and Technology

Commerce and Administration
– Graduate School of Business and Government Leadership
– School of Management Sciences
– School of Accounting
– School of Economic and Decision Sciences
– Centre for Business and Management
– Municipal Leadership Training Academy

Education and Training
– School for Teacher Education and Training
– School for Educational Leadership and Development
– Centre for Teacher Development

Human and Social Sciences
– School of Human Sciences (including Programmes in Theology)
– School of Social Sciences
– School of Postgraduate Studies and Research

– School of Undergraduate Studies
– School of Postgraduate Studies
– Community Law Centre

Potchefstroom Campus

This Campus has eight faculties with more than 30 schools and centres.


– School of Languages
– School of Social and Government Studies
– School of Music
– School of Communication Studies
– School of Philosophy

Natural Sciences
– School of Physical and Chemical Sciences
– School of Biological Sciences
– School of Geo- and Spatial Sciences
– School of Computer, Statistical and Mathematical Sciences
– Centre for Business Mathematics and Informatics
– Centre for Environmental Management
– Centre for Human Metabonomics

– School of Ancient Language and Text Studies
– School of Ministers’ Training
– School of Biblical Counseling and  Church Ministry
– Greenwich School of Theology

Education Sciences
– School of Human and Social Sciences for Education
– School for Education Studies
– School of Natural Sciences and Technology for Education
– Research in Education Sciences

Economic and Management Sciences
– Potchefstroom Business School
– School of Accounting Sciences
– School of Economics
– School of Business Management
– School of Human Resource Sciences

 Faculty of Law
– Law Clinic
– Potchefstroomse Electronic Law Journal (PER)
– NWU Students Law Review

– School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering
– School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
– School of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
– Industrial Engineering
– Electromechanical Engineering

Health Sciences
– School of Biokinetics, Recreation and Sport Science
– School of Pharmacy
– Subject Group – Physiology
– Subject Group – Nutrition
– Subject Group – Consumer Sciences
– School of Psychosocial Behavioural Sciences
– School of Nursing
– BHSc in Occupational Hygiene

Unit for Open Distance Learning

  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Theology
  • Short Learning Programmes
  • Preparatory Programmes
  • Policing Practice

Vaal Triangle Campus

This Campus has two faculties with seven schools.


– School of Behavioural Sciences
– School of Languages
– School of Basic Sciences
– School of Education Sciences

Economic Sciences and Information Technology
– School of Accounting Sciences
– School of Information Technology
– School of Economic Sciences

Contact Details


Mafikeng Campus

North-West University
Mafikeng Campus
Corner of Albert Luthuli
and University Drive

Tel: (+27 18) 389-2111

Potchefstroom Campus

Physical address:
North-West University
Potchefstroom Campus
11 Hoffman Street

Tel: (+27 18) 299-1111 /2222

Vaal Triangle Campus

North-West University
Vaal Triangle Campus
Hendrik Van Eck Blvd

Tel: (+27 16) 910-3111