Lovedale Public TVET College

Lovedale Public TVET College has three Campuses namely, Alice Campus, King Williams Town Campus and Zwelitsha Campus.

Lovedale Public TVET College is one the oldest colleges in the country, featuring strongly in the history of South African education. The college is well known for its historic excellence in education. The college is strategically placed in the Eastern Cape, with three campuses. The college’s primary focus is to provide educational programmes combining both theory and practical skills to its surrounding areas.

Each campus offers programmes aimed at addressing the needs of its particular region. Alice Campus, for instance, offers agricultural programmes, King Campus offers business courses, and Zwelitsha Campus offers engineering courses. The college aims at alleviating poverty by offering education and training in skills directly needed in the Eastern Cape, thus also contributing to the enhancement of skills training in South Africa.

NATED Programmes:

National N Diploma Programmes


NCV Programmes: 

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Contact Details

Head Office

Physical Address: 1 Amatola Row, King William’s Town
Postal Address: P O Box 2156, King William’s Town 5600
Telephone Number: (043) 6040 700
Fax Number: (043) 642 1388

Alice Campus:

Physical Address: Victoria Road, Alice
Postal Address: Private Bag X1303, Alice, 5700
Telephone Number: (040) 653 1171/2
Fax Number: (040) 653 1073

King Williams Town Campus:

Physical Address: Amatola Row, King William’s Town
Postal Address: Private Bag, 7409, King William’s Town,5600
Telephone Number: (043) 6040 705
Fax Number: (043) 643 3838

Zwelitsha Campus:

Physical Address: 1 Gert Goosen Road, Zw

Postal Address: Private Bag x510, Zwelitsha, 5608
Telephone Number: (040) 654 1516/38
Fax Number: (040) 654 3161

Website : www.lovedalecollege.co.za