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It is Time to Get Internet Business Phone System

Telecommunications is an integral part of any business. It is one of the main channels of communication apart from emails, messages, videos, and direct face to face interaction. Enterprises pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month as telephone bills. Businesses with international clients end up spending a lot of money on these bills alone. 

But with the changing technology, enterprises are no more relying on old and outdated hardware and extensive telephone lines. Maintaining the network and the devices is turning out to be an expensive affair for the business apart from having to pay hefty monthly bills. 

This led to many enterprises switching over their phone system to the cloud. Also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), cloud phone system, and virtual hosted PBX (Private Bank Exchange), this system involves using the internet network to make calls, send messages, and more. 

This allows enterprises to use a single network for all purposes. The same internet connection can be used for everything. There is no need to pay telephone bills. There is no need to maintain the devices or the telephone network. 

So how are the calls made? 

Once enterprises get internet business phone system, they can ask the employees to use their smartphones and laptops to make calls (by downloading the related software). Enterprises can also buy internet-based phoned (which are expensive compared to regular telephone devices). These phones can also be rented from the business phone cloud service provider. 

The calls are routed through the internet network as data pockets. These are again converted to voice bytes at the receiver’s end. While there were quality issues when the concept was first released into the market, there are no such problems anymore. What with high-speed and high-quality fiber network connections available, enterprises do not have to worry about data loss or miscommunication. 

In fact, by investing in the cloud phone system, enterprises can save money spent on paying bills and maintenance. There are, of course, many other advantages of using hosted PBX services. The enterprise can be small, medium, or large. It could have 20 employees or 20,000 employees. The cloud phone system will deliver efficient results. 

Here are some reasons as to why an enterprise needs the internet phone system. 

Easy to Setup and Use 

Setup up the internet phone system is simple and easy. It hardly takes much time or effort. The employees of the enterprise can start using the system immediately. The service provider also helps the employees in understanding how the system works. This makes the transition smoother and faster. 

Provide Remote Access

There is no need for the employee to be present at the desk to make a call. In fact, the employee doesn’t have to be at the office. The person can work from a remote location by accessing the phone network to make calls and send messages. Even when employees use their personal smartphones, their phone numbers are not revealed. The calls are placed through the network. 

Multiple Features 

The internet/ cloud phone system offers a lot more than voice calls. Employees can send text messages, make video calls, record calls, set up auto-attendant, forward calls, use custom call holding music, have 3-way conferences, and route calls to specific extension numbers. There are many other such features available that make it a worthy choice. 

Flexibility- Easy to Add New Numbers 

There is no need to take a new connection to add a new number to the network. Depending on the service package, an enterprise can add multiple numbers to the same network. If it needs to add more, the enterprise can simply opt for a bigger service package. One internet network would still be enough. As the business grows and new employees join the enterprise, the network can also be expanded to suit the increasing requirements. 

Communication, Collaboration, and More 

Depending on which internet phone system an enterprise chooses, it can use the system for regular meetings and collaborations. The basic hosted PBX is limited to unlimited domestic long-distance calling services. But Combined UC and Complete UC&C provide conferencing and collaboration services across the borders. 

Different Security Levels to Choose From 

When enterprises get internet business phone system, they have control over the level of security they want for the internet network. While some enterprises prefer only the basic level, other businesses ask for additional data security. The entire network is protected so that the data cannot be hacked or tampered with when it is being transmitted. 

One factor enterprises need to be careful about is the service provider they choose. Always go for the best in the industry. From SLA to client satisfaction to timely support, the best service provider will offer quality and transparency to every enterprise. Contact the company for a quote. 

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