Gem Auxilary Nursing School

Gem Auxilary Nursing School

GEM Health Care Workers Training is an accredited HWSETA (Health and Welfare SETA) nursing institution founded in 2000 by two retired professional nurses. GEM Health Care Workers Training is an accredited institute offering affordable nursing education to school leavers and individuals struggling to find formal employment. Based in Johannesburg’s CBD, the institute is strategically located to allow for ease of access for people coming from the different townships around Gauten

GEM Health Care Workers Training was established to empower the youth with knowledge and skills which would allow them opportunities for fulfilling employment opportunities. The institute targets learners who have not made requirements of other tertiary institutions as well as youth facing the prevailing HIV/AIDS pandemic that is common.

Programmes Offered:

  • Ancillary Health Care
  • Community Health Work
  • Child and Youth Care
  • Home Based & Frail Care
  • Skills Development Programme
  • HIV/AIDS Counselling

Requirements :

Contact Details:

Physical Address:
21 Kruis Street

Tell Number: 011 331 0660/661/662
Fax Number: 011 331 0663

Website: www.gemacademy.co.za