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Employees can apply for COVID-19 UIF relief from R 3,500 up to R6,700 a month

mployees can apply for COVID-19 UIF relief. The Unemployment Insurance Fund says it has R30 billion set aside for formal employees who have lost income over the lockdown period.

You can now support ready for claims

Robert Legh from Business SA says employees have started to apply.

Employees can apply for relief from R 3,500 up to R6,700 a month.

“We are assured by the UIF that they are ready to start processing claims,” Legh said.

“The reality is that as of yesterday, some 10,000 claims had already been made.”

 the Minister of Employment and Labour has announced the introduction of measures in response to coronavirus (Covid-19) and its impact on UIF contributors. There has also been the establishment of a Rapid Response Teams to be deployed to each province to assist companies with processing of claims in cases where they have retrenchments of more than 50 employees.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund will compensate affected workers through its existing Illness and Reduced Work Time benefits.

The Department has published a ‘easy aid for Corona benefits’ guide. The corona benefits, as with all UIF benefits are only applicable to employers who are registered with UIF and make monthly contributions as required.

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