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The Zimco Group, a R1 billion-a-year business, is South Africa’s leading producer of Industrial and Base minerals, a major producer and supplier of Zinc, Lead, Aluminium Metal and Alloys, related chemicals and engineering plastics. Zimco was purchased by Eco-Bat Technologies Limited in March 1999. Eco-Bat Technologies Limited is the parent company for a group of companies engaged in the smelting, manufacturing and marketing of lead and lead products, with operations in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and the USA.

Divisions of the Zimco Group can currently be split into three broad product-related divisions, namely Plastics, Industrial Materials and Metals. The Group is well placed through its operations to respond to customers’ needs for quality materials and components. Advanced technology permits the group to focus on import replacement as well as establishing avenues for increased exports.

The policy of developing profitable growth through the improvement of existing businesses, new product lines, the benefication of existing product lines and increased export trade has enabled the Zimco Group to remain competitive. All strategic opportunities to grow the Group are evaluated in order to ascertain whether these conform with long term corporate goals.

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