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XCaliber Staffing

What happens before something is an idea? Our clients want the best and yet these candidates are not looking. But that doesn’t mean they are fulfilled, or wouldn’t make a move.

Like the legend of Excalibur, our recruiting process unleashes imagination, the power of the possible. When their desire to grow matches our client’s opportunity, we create their candidacy.

There are many things that differentiate XCaliber Staffing from other staffing companies, which we think will be readily apparent from our first conversation. But in the meantime, here are a few reasons we should connect:

Over 60 years of combined recruitment experience.

Exceptional senior recruiters who average over ten years of recruiting experience, and who represent the highest concentration of top-producing recruiters in the country.

In-depth industry expertise so you don’t have to waste time getting us up to speed on your business and its challenges and opportunities.

A focus on “delivering” rather than “placing” the candidate, which ensures that more of your offers are accepted, and your transitions are painless.

A unique partnership model for our recruiters that further motivates their commitment to your success.

XCaliber Staffing finds superstars even before they know they’re looking

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