About Takealot.com

Takealot.com is the leading ecommerce retailer in South Africa and one of the largest, most innovative ecommerce retailers on the African continent.

Our mission is to be the most customer-centric online shopping destination in Africa, built around the simple concept that the customer comes first.

All of our focus is dedicated to improving the customer experience, from the moment they arrive on our website to the moment their order arrives at their door. By aligning ourselves to this philosophy, we believe takealot.com will be the #1 shopping destination across Africa.

Everyone who works at takealot.com subscribes to the following values:

The success of any business today depends on quick decisions and decisive implementation. Big does not beat small but fast definitely beats slow.


Make it easier for customers, refine your ideas, refine them again and when you think you have arrived, refine yet again.


Each and every customer needs to be treated as an individual, it is not about averages, it’s about the individual. Obsess about the customer.


Systems are important, resources are important, but the best people are the most important asset to any business. This means that the company will only employ the most dedicated, smart, results-orientated, team players around.


You have to love what you are doing; if you don’t then you should reconsider working here.


Innovation is not about ground-sweeping changes but about consistent, everyday, iterative improvement. This applies to every work stream in the business.


If you see a problem, find the solution, it’s your responsibility not someone else’s. Be accountable.


Spend only where it needs to be spent and spend wisely.


Challenge each other to be the best. Be clear, unambiguous and respectful in reminding each other when we’re not.

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