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SHIFT DX is the industry leader in digital transformation in the agriculture supply chain, applying innovative platform technologies and our core brand ethics to deliver ongoing value and measurable results to our clients.

*What can we do for your business?*

Our diverse platform-based product range and advanced data services are an instrument which allow clients to make calculated, informed decisions and ultimately ensure their long-term growth by driving targeted sales and increasing profitability, sustainability and traceability.

*The future of farming.*

By leveraging our extensive experience and harnessing the latest advancements in Precision Farming, Digital Auction Platforms, E-Provenance Ledger Services and secure Blockchain technology, we aim to continuously drive innovation and deliver value in a mutually inclusive digital eco-system, providing our clients with a competitive advantage in an ever-changing agricultural landscape.

*Our core values.*

professionalism | credibility | integrity | innovation

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Website https://shiftdx.co.za/

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